What is Tax?

Taxation is one of the two of life's certainties. The actual question we get asked is "How can I pay no tax?". We would hope that we are able to help you pay a lot of tax, as this means you are making a lot of money. Not being aware of how much tax you are due to pay and therefore not able to plan is a reason people hate tax.

There are a lot of different taxes that need planning for, income tax, corporation tax, value added tax, along with tax deductions under the construction industry scheme, through payroll, deductions of interest paid. We can help with all your tax questions.

Why is it important?

Getting your taxes wrong can be expensive. There are the penalties and interest that HM Revenue & Customs can impose for any underpaid tax, they will also impose penalties and interest for missing deadlines.


Then there is paying too much tax by not correctly claiming or offsetting costs. 

As the saying goes; "If you think hiring a good accountant is expensive, try hiring a bad one". 

Why choose Edison Hallé & Co?

At Edison Hallé & Co we want to help you arrange your affairs in the most tax efficient way. We will consider the tax implications of decisions to provide you with advice you need. 

We will help you plan for your tax payments by providing budgets, current calculations and providing payment dates. 

We can also help with all of your tax needs; such as R&D tax credits claims, Capital Gains Tax, CIS,  and all tax returns.

Using Edison Hallé & Co will give you peace of mind that your tax arrangements are being looked after.

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