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Our Story

We are proud to be accountants and technology geeks. We have seen the advances in the use of technology and the benefits it can bring in reducing time, stress and mistakes.

We want to share our knowledge and enthusiasm to help you focus on what is important when running your business, rather than bookkeeping and filing requirements.

Based in Nantwich we serve all of Cheshire and beyond.

Who We Are

Edison Hallé & Co are experienced accountants and bookkeepers helping small businesses to succeed. We can help with all aspects of filing requirements for Sole Traders, Partnerships and Limited Companies.

As well as the basics you would expect from your accountants - accounts, tax returns, payroll, Companies House filings - we want to assist with making your record keeping as efficient and painless as possible. 

By helping you put a plan in place we can also look at providing real time financial reporting to assist decision making and plan for the future.

Our Vision

If you run a small business you will already be putting in a lot of hours. Being successful takes time and dedication. If you are spending time logging invoices, filling in spreadsheets, writing up ledgers, you are adding unnecessary burdens.


Our vision is that we can work with you and current technology to free up your time, so you have more time to grow, rather than maintain, your business.





Keeping track of invoices and expenses.  Claiming all of the correct expenses. Claiming the correct amount of VAT. Reviewing money owed to the company.


Poor bookkeeping can cost you more than paying a professional to do it for you. Plus you will free up a whole lot of time make more sales or spend more time doing things you enjoy. 

We are Xero Partners and certified advisors. This gives you full, real time visibility of your financials without needing to spend time producing reports.


Accounts need to be prepared for Limited companies, but it is also a good idea to get accounts prepared as an unincorporated business too.

For sole traders and partnerships these will form the basis of your tax return.

For Limited companies these will be submitted to Companies House and be sent to HMRC with your tax returns.

You can see why it is important to get these right.


We will be able to calculate and complete your company and personal tax returns for submission to HMRC.

We will also provide guidance arranging your income in the most tax efficient way.

We can also assist in preparing Research & Development tax credit claims.

Contractors and Subcontractors

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is complex and often done wrong. If you have tax deducted, you want to be able to claim this back at the earliest point.

We can help with your CIS return submissions as a contractor or subcontractor. 


If you are spending too much time processing your payroll, sending out payslips and  keeping up to date with changing legislation, you should outsource your payroll function. 

Edison Hallé & Co can take all of the stress from your payroll and give you back your valuable time.



Calculating your VAT payments or refunds, completion of your VAT return and submission to HMRC are things we can do for you.

We will also give you timely reminders of when your information in needed to avoid missing your deadlines and ending up with costly fines and interest.

We have also assisted a large amount of companies to transition to Making Tax Digital for VAT filing, including the record keeping requirements.

Do you need to set up a company and don't know where to start? Edison Hallé & Co can provide advice on your business structure and assist with your formation and company secretarial matters.

Making Tax Digital

The way HMRC is receiving your information is changing. We already have Making Tax Digital filing requirements for VAT registered business over the compulsary registration threshold.  This is be changing to include all VAT registered business.

Making Tax Digital for income tax is also coming soon. 

Edison Hallé & Co can help your business be ready for the additional requirements.




Years of Experience

We have over 15 years of experience in helping small and medium businesses in preparing all areas of financial statement, forecasting, implimenting proceedures to become more efficient, reduce costs and be more profitable.


We're not only approachable because we're friendly and understand that people aren't as excited by numbers as we are - we're approachable as we are always on hand to help you through the use of technology. There is no need to travel to see us (unless you want to). We can answer your questions or have discussions at points that are convenient to you, wherever you are.

Value for money

It's our belief that a good accountant should be able to save you more money than it costs to hire them. Whether this is through getting everything filed on time to avoid interest and penalties, by making sure all the correct tax deductions are taken, and by freeing up your valuable time to generate more profits. 

Why not contact us to get a personalised quote for our services.

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